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Why M.J.M. Maintenance Co. is a Great Choice for You!

Estimates are always free! Give us a call, and we’ll be glad to make an appointment to see you. We appreciate your consideration and thank you for reading about us!

We Provide Exceptional, Personal Service!

  • Reliable, Responsible, Dependable & Consistent Crews
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • All Phone Calls Answered & Returned Promptly
  • Always Follow Up if You Have Questions, Concerns or Complaints
  • Prompt & Professional Paperwork: Proposals, Invoices, Correspondence, Etc.
  • Honest, Professional Advice, Even if it Means that We’re Not the Right Company for Your Needs

We Do Expert Work!

  • Experienced, Professional, Janitorial Personnel
  • Very Low Turnover, Your Cleanings are Handled by the Same Person or Crew, on the Same Schedule, Visit after Visit
  • Workers Have the Proper Equipment, Training & Instructions to Do Your Job Right
  • Workers Will Notify You if Doors Left Unlocked, Alarm Not Working Properly, Supplies Running Low, Etc.
  • Stay on Top of Industry Developments & Have the Resources to Address a Wide Range of Custodial Needs & Situations

We Are Fully Insured & Bonded!

  • You Are Covered by Our Janitorial Service Bond
  • You Are Covered by Our Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • You Are Covered by Our Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • We Pay All State & Federal Payroll Taxes Due Our Employees

Contact Us for a Free Estimate