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Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Please take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions below. The list below contains basic responses to more common questions and should help you learn more about our company and our service offerings. If you have additional questions, you can always call us at (818) 247-9833. We truly appreciate your interest in our services and we look forward to the opportunity of earning your business.

Will we have the same cleaners in our facility each time?

Yes. You will get the same crew, on the same schedule, so you will know who will be there and when. In the event of an illness or holiday, we will re-schedule to make sure your building gets taken care of properly.

Is there any wording on our service agreement that locks us into a long-term contract?

No. All of our service agreements have an initial term of 6 months, which gives us time to learn your property and develop an effective cleaning routine. After that, we operate on a month-to-month basis and you may cancel at any time with a 30-day notice.

What if we like to have our facility cleaned during the day?

We do offer daytime cleaning if we feel it can be done safely and effectively. Not all locations are suitable for daytime cleaning; we would be pleased to discuss your situation with you in greater detail.

When we call your office, how quickly can we expect a response back?

We pride ourselves on prompt, professional responses. Calls are always returned before the end of the same business day, and usually much quicker. (Later or evening calls are returned the next business morning.) Please remember to speak clearly and leave your telephone number on your message.

Do you offer residential cleaning, or have employees that can be utilized as servers or cleaners at large events?

No. We do not offer maid-service housecleaning, or catering /hospitality services. There are many other fine companies that can do this for you.

How do you respond to problems or complaints?

We acknowledge your concern, check with our crew to get more information, personally inspect the situation if appropriate, then devise an appropriate corrective action. After that, we follow-up with you to make sure you are satisfied and the issue is completely resolved.

Are there any jobs too big you?

Yes, some jobs are beyond the capabilities & limits of our staff. In these cases, we partner with another service provider that has sufficient resources for the task.

Are there any jobs that are too small for you?

No, there are no jobs that are too small. However, we do have minimum charges and it may be uneconomical to have us undertake a very small assignment.

Are there any jobs too far for you?

Yes, there are locations that are too far for us to serve effectively. We typically work with clients located in the eastern San Fernando Valley, western San Gabriel Valley, and adjacent parts of Los Angeles. There are no rigid geographical boundaries to our activities, but only a concern that we be cost-effective vis-à-vis time travel of our personnel.

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